Research Visit to Kansas State University by Prof Dr Saw Sor Heoh and Prof Dr Lee Sing of IPFS and  INTI International University –May-June 2010


Kansas State University (KSU) Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering had commissioned. a Plasma Focus machine (the KSU PF) which was designed using the Lee model code. (INTI UPFLF)


At the invitation of KSU the INTI-IPFS team visited KSU during the period 21 May-8 June to run a collaborative research workshop using the KSU PF and the Lee model code.


The research workshop was attended by the following:


Prof Ali E Abdou, Head of the KSU PF Group

Dr Phillip Brian Urorowski of KSU,

Dr Humberto Torreblanca of  INTEL Portland

and Graduate Assistants Mohamed Ismail and Amged Mohamed


Prof Saw starting the Workshop with                   Workshop participants (L-R) Dr Urorowski, Instructions at Opening Session                 Amged, Prof Ali Abdou, Dr Torreblanca &                                                                            Mohamed with Prof Lee listening to

                                                                   Prof Saw at Opening Session


In conjunction with and in additional to the Workshop, research sessions were carried out on the KSU PF at different pressures and with different gases. Analysis of some data was carried during the period. Data was also collected for future analysis. A rogowski current coil, a voltage probe and a 4-channel soft x-ray spectrometer were assembled by Prof Dr Saw and Prof Ali Abdou during the research period.


Starting a research session in the PF Lab    Prof Saw discussing standardizing the probes


Prof Lee showing the assembly of                  Visit of Prof John English (Dean of Mech

a N-laser                                                         & Nuclear Engineering) to the Lab


KSU Plasma Focus Facility                                       Soft X-ray Spectrometer      



During the period Prof Dr Saw and Prof Dr Lee were also given tours of the KSU TRIGA Mark II research reactor and the nuclear detector fabrication facilities.



Lecture at UNL


On 27th May, at the invitation of Prof Jeffrey Shields, Prof Dr Saw and Prof Dr Lee made a visit to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and gave a talk to the College of Engineering. The title of the talk was “Plasma Focus Research at INTI University College”.  Prof Dr Saw and Prof Dr Lee also met UNL Chancellor Perlman, and several senior staff of UNL including Assoc V C for Academic Affairs David Wilson, and Assoc Dean of Engineering for Acad Affairs, College of Engineering, Prof Ray Moore. They were also given an interesting tour of facilities in Mechanical Engineering including weed control by flaming, surgical robots, magnetic materials and nanostructures.

With Chancellor Perlman of UNL      With Prof Jeffrey Shields of Department of                                                                               Engineering



Former INTI students drove                   Prof Jeffrey Shields introducing Prof Saw

us from KSU, Manhatten, Kansas          to  start off the Invited Lecture

to UNL, Lincoln, Nebraska

Prof Saw lecturing at UNL                                      Prof Lee lecturing at UNL