IPFS-INTI IU Team at Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Dense Magnetized Plasmas and Plasma Diagnostics at ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 15-26 November 2010


Prof Dr Lee Sing and Prof Dr Saw Sor Heoh were invited to lecture at this Workshop. Two Invited Lectures were presented on “Introduction to the Plasma Focus- Machines, Applications and Properties” and on “Insights for Plasma Focus Numerical Experiments- Scaling properties to Scaling laws”. Prof Dr Lee Sing and Prof Dr Saw Sor Heoh also conducted two 6-hour hands-on Courses on “ Plasma Focus Numerical Experiments”. A 200-pg Manual “ A Course on Plasma Focus Numerical Experiments” was specially designed for this purpose. The highly interactive and hands-on Courses were attended by 28 participants from 16 countries.



Laboratory visits:


The INTI IU team were invited and visited the ICTP MLab to see the 5 kJ “BORA” Plasma Focus; and had discussions

with Professor Vladimir Gribkov and Dr Leopoldo Soto.


The INTI IU team also visited the 150 kJ medical-isotope Plasma Focus at the university of Ferrara at Ferrara, 180 km west of Trieste. At the Ferrara Plasma Focus Laboratory, Prof Dr Lee and Prof Dr Saw had discussions with Prof Tartari about the possibility of using the plasma focus electron beam for cancer treatment.