UNU ICTP PFF  United Nations University/International Centre for Theoretical Physics Plasma Fusion Facility & other Small Devices


A Simple Facility for the teaching of plasma dynamics and plasma nuclear fusion

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Twelve Years of UNU/ICTP PFF- A Review

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Technology of a Small Plasma Focus incorporating some experiences with the UNU/ICTP PFF

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Bench –marking the 3 kJ Plasma Focus

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Numerical Experiments on Soft X-Ray Emission Optimization of Nitrogen Plasma in 3 kJ Plasma Focus SY-1 Using Modified Lee Model

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Pinch Current and Soft x-ray yield limitation  by numerical experiments on Nitrogen Plasma Focus

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Characterizing plasma focus devices- role of the static inductance- instability phase fitted by anomalous resistances

S Lee, S H Saw, A E Abdou and H Torreblanca       Submitted to Plasma Phys & Controlled Fusion


Neon Soft X-Ray Yield Optimization from PF-SY1 Plasma Focus Device.
M. Akel , Sh. Al-Hawat and S. Lee, accepted for publication in Journal of Fusion Energy.