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Institute for Plasma Focus Studies

On the occasion and as a part of ICPSA2016 being organized by UTM and AAAPT from 28-30th November 2016.


Announcing the 2016 Internet-based Numerical Experiments Workshop on Plasma Focus (NEWPF 2016)

Director:                      Prof Dr Lee Sing

Co-Director:                Prof Dr Saw Sor Heoh

Commencing:              16 September 2016

Duration:                     scheduled 6 weeks

Aim:                            to familiarize participants on the practical usage of the Lee model of radiative plasma             focus code

Level:                          starts at introductory level, proceeds to examples of actual usage of the code, and may lead to aspects of research using numerical experiments

Participants:                must have an interest in the use of a computer code to simulate plasma focus devices

Requirements:             The course material is written for implementation using EXCEL 2003 or 2010 (NOT             EXCEL 2007)

Mode:                          Course material will be transmitted through e-mail attachments; typical file sizes may        be up to 3M. Exercises will submitted through e-mails by participants. Comments on exercises will likewise be sent to participants by e-mail.

Schedule of e-mails:    The first e-mail with course materials and instructions will be sent out around 1      September 2016 to registered and accepted participants. Answers to exercises will be submitted by participants each Thursday during the course; and comments to   participants' efforts will be sent to participants by the following Monday.



To participate: Send an e-mail to leesing@optusnet.com.au stating the following:


1. Request to participate

                        2. Name and institution

                        3. E-mail address      

4. Reason for desire to participate (e.g. might be useful for current research work on plasma focus, or looking for research projects in plasma focus…..)

                        5. Level of involvement in plasma focus work, whether laboratory related or computer related or theory related

                        6. Level of EXCEL usage (e.g. beginner to EXCEL, or frequent user, or expert…)


This workshop course NEWPF 2016 follows the successful NEWPF Research (ICPSA2014) Kathmandu, NEWPF2013 Kathmandu (September/October) and ICPSA2013 Singapore, NEWPF (Jazan University Summer Course 2013) at INTI IU, similar courses at  ICTP School and Training Course on Dense Magnetized Plasma- a Source of Ions 7-13 October 2012, Trieste, Italy and Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Dense Magnetized Plasmas and Plasma Diagnostics, 15-26 November 2010, Trieste, Italy,  ISMFA- International School on Magnetohydrodynamics and Fusion Applications- 9-16 September, 2011, at Institute for Theoretical and Applied Physics, Turunc Turkey, RCWS 2011 at INTI IU, Kansas State University Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering 2010; Ankara NURER 2010, IPFS-IBC2 (2009) and IPFS-IBC1 (April-May 2008). NEWPF 2016 will be conducted by the Institute for Plasma Focus Studies in association with AAAPT and UTM on the occasion and as a part of ICPSA2016.