The Universal Plasma Focus Laboratory RADPF5.16


Before you download the Universal PF Laboratory, the following are brief instructions on how to use it: (Skip to the bottom to download.)


This is the programme code of the Lee Model that enables you to run any PF machine: and compute its waveforms of its dynamics, total current and voltage, temperatures, radiation yields, and  focus pinch current and neutron yield (when operating in deuterium).


When you have downloaded and opened the code, at the top left of the EXCEL worksheet row 4 of cells is filled as follows:


L0 nH       C0 uF       b cm      a cm       z0       r0 mOhm


[Default setting of the machine is for the PF1000, which you may run or change, if you wish, to any other plasma focus by the following procedure]


Fill in the corresponding cells in row 5 with the parameters of the machine you wish to operate; the stray (or static inductance) L0 in nH, the bank capacitance C0 in mF, the plasma focus outer/inner radii b/a in cm, and the length zo in cm. The stray resistance r0 is filled in milliohm. If you do not know the value of r0 for your plasma focus; try as an initial value 0.1(L0/C0)^0.5.


And row 8 is filled as follows:


V0 kV     P0 Torr      MW      A         At-1 mol-2


Fill in row 9 correspondingly the operational conditions you choose for the shot: Charging voltage V0 in kV, fill pressure in Torr and gas (e.g. for deuterium: MW fill in 4; A fill in 1, At-1 mol-2 fill in 2)  another example: for Neon: for W fill in 20, A fill in 10, At-1 Mol-2 fill in 1)


Row 6 has cells filled as:


 Massf      currf      massfr      currfr


These are the model parameters; which you may fill in row 7 initially as:

0.09             0.7          0.16             0.7


Having set the code to these parameters; you may fire a shot as follows:

Click the cursor on any blank (unused) cell.

Then press Ctrl+A ( Ctrl and without releasing it press A)


The code will run and the computed results will be displayed. On completion of running (around 1 minute for most desktops) the graphs will also fill up.


Download the Universal Plasma Focus code  (RADPFV5.16) by the following procedure:


Right Click on the link below. Then click Save target as:   and select location as (say) Desktop. Using this method of downloading the code is around 1M.


Universal Plasma Focus Laboratory (RADPFV5.16)           RADPFV5.16FIB (with section on FIB)