A 12-hour Course on hands-on Plasma Focus Numerical Experiments will be run during the ISMFA 2011 09-16 September 2011 at ITAP, Turunc, Turkey


The following two folders contain the e-manual, supplementary papers and EXCEL data files for this course. Download the manual which will form the basis of the course. As you read the manual sections will refer to the Supplementary files. The exercises will require the code RADPFV5.15de and the data files. Download these and keep in a folder on your desktop.



Folder 1: Course Modules and supplementary Papers:    


Supplementary Papers









Folder 2:  Code & data:  10 EXCEL files containing the code and data

                   (you will need files 1-5, 7 & 8 for this course)


To access Folder 1, please click   here