Regional Collaborative Workshop on Plasma Focus Diagnostic Development & Applications & SPFE, 20 June-1 July 2011, INTI IU, Nilai, Malaysia


Materials for Hands-on Guided Experiments


File 0:       Notes for Hands-on Guided Experiments

File 1:        Experiments with the ICTP-UM 3.3 kJ Plasma Fusion Facility

File 2:        RSI 81, 053505 (2010)- S H Saw et al

File 3:        Pulsed Current Measurements in Plasma Focus Machines- S Lee et al

File 4:        Excel File; data on PF current & tube voltage 11 kV 1.5Torr Neon

File 5:        Excel File on Detector sensitivity with filters and gases folded in

File 6:        Correlation of Measured soft x-ray pulses with modeled dynamics of

                        the plasma focus-S Lee et al

File 7:        Excel File Analytical Template tp4 RADPFV6.1b

File 8:        Excel File with 4 channel data for shot INTI PF 12 kV 2 Torr Neon s1