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Institute for Plasma Focus Studies


Announcing the Second Internet-based Workshop on Plasma Focus Numerical Experiments

Director:                Prof Dr Lee Sing

Co-Director:          Assoc Prof Dr Saw Sor Heoh

Commencing:        29 July 2009

Duration:               approximately 5 weeks

Aim:                      to familiarize participants on the practical usage of the Lee model of radiative plasma focus code

Level:                    starts at introductory level, proceeds to examples of actual usage of the code, and may lead to aspects of research using numerical experiments

Participants:           must have an interest in the use of a computer code to simulate plasma focus devices

Requirements::       The course material is written for implementation using EXCEL 2003

                             Course material will be transmitted through e-mail attachments; typical file sizes may be up to 3M


To participate: Send an e-mail to leesing@optusnet.com.au stating the following:


1 Request to participate

                   2 Name and institution

                   3 e-mail address 

4 Reason for desire to participate (e.g. might be useful for current research work on plasma focus, or looking for research projects in plasma focus…..)

                   5 Level of involvement in plasma focus work, whether laboratory related or computer related or theory related

                   6 Level of EXCEL usage (e.g. beginner to EXCEL, or frequent user, or expert…)


This workshop course IPFS-IBC2 follows the successful IPFS-IBC1 which was conducted in April-May 2008. The course will be conducted by the Institute for Plasma Focus Studies in association with INTI University College, Malaysia, NTU-NIE, Singapore and the AAAPT. The activities of the IPFS are associated with Abdus Salam ICTP/OEA, the AAAPT, INTI-UC, NTU-NIE Plasma Radiation Lab and UM Plasma Research Lab.