Completed Conferences and Workshops 2008-2013



IWPCA 2008  International Workshop on PlasmaComputations & Applications,  14-15 July 2008, Malaysia-completed                  

              IWPDA 2009  International Workshop on Plasma Diagnostics & Applications,  2-3 July 2009, Singapore-completed 

NURER 2009 Conference on Nuclear & Renewable Energy Resources with International Participation 28-29 September 2009, Ankara, Turkey-completed

NURER 2010 2nd International Conference on nuclear & Renewable Energy Resources 4-7 July 2010, Ankara, Turkey-completed                    

            IWPSA 2010 International Workshop on Plasma Science and Applications  25-26 October 2010, Xiamen, China-completed                          

             Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Dense Magnetized Plasmas and Plasma Diagnostics 15-26 November 2010, Trieste, Italy-completed             

        FPPT 2011     5th International Conference on the Frontiers of Plasma Physics and Technology  18-22 April 2011, Singapore  link-completed

SPFE 2011 Regional Collaborative Workshop on Plasma Focus Diagnostic Development & Applications, 20 June-1 July 2011, INTI IU, Nilai, Malaysia-completed

ISMFA 2011 International School on Magnetohydrodynamics and Fusion Applications, 9-16 September, 2011, Turunc, Marmaris, Turkey-completed           

IWPSA 2011 The 4th International Workshop on Plasma Science and Applications, 27-28 October 2011, Tehran, Iran-completed

IPFS Conference- The Plasma Focus-Enhancing Knowledge and Application Potentials- 29 Mar-1st April 2012-  Bangkok, Thailand- completed

SPFE 2012 Seminar on Plasma Focus Experiments, 12 July - INTI International University, Nilai, Malaysia-contact- completed

IWPSA 2012 International Workshop on Plasma Science & Applications- 4-5 October - Chulalongkorn Univ, Bangkok- -completed

AAAPT 5th General Meeting (election of new Council) – 5 October 2012-Chulalongkorn Univ, Bangkok- contact: - completed

School & training course: DENSE MAGNETIZED PLASMA as source of ionizing radiations, diagnostics & applications- 8-12 Oct 2012 ICTP, Trieste, Italy- completed

8th Siam Physics Congress (SPC-2013)- 21-23 March 2013- Chiangmai, Thailand- Completed

2nd Research Coord Meeting- CRP on Investigations of Materials ..Intense Fusion Pulses-10-13 June 2013, Singapore & Malaysia- contact:

           International Symposium on Plasma Focus (ISPF2013 in series SPFE 2013), INTI International University- contact: completed

Jazan University Summer Programme, Plasma Focus Course at INTI IU CPR, 8-12 July 2013- contact: -completed- research paper

Numerical Experiments Workshop on PF (NEW PF 2013 Kathmandu) Sept 26-Oct 8 2013) Kathmandu Univ, Dhulikhel, Nepal-

International Conference on Plasma Science & Applications (ICPSA 2013; 6th in AAAPT series) ) 4-6 December 2013- NTU NIE-AAAPT, Singapore-completed

Numerical Experiments Workshop on Plasma Focus (NEWPF) –an activity of ICPSA 2013, Singapore, apply by 1 October 2013 -completed